Our Love For Beyonce Summed Up In GIFs

With or without a reason or occasion, we gladly proclaim our love for the inimitable Beyonce. (As far as we’re concerned, there is literally nothing not to love about the female powerhouse.) What better day than her birthday—her B-day, if you will—to validate dedicating our office Pandora station to her music, streaming throwback Destiny’s Child music videos on our lunch break and perusing the endless sea of dancing memes? In honor of Queen Bey’s big day, here are 7 reasons why we’ll never stop bowing down (demonstrated in GIFs, because of course).

She’s perfected the art of the DGAF hair flip.

She’s given single women everywhere a signature dance move.

She’s the poster child for not taking s*** from anyone.

She upped the game on getting ready for a girls’ night out.

She makes every dance move—including the stanky leg—look sexy.

She did this at the Met Gala.

She’s proven that girls do, indeed, run the world.

Snag Bey's Style