5 Things We Would’ve Done If We’d Been On The Oscars Tour Bus

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We can probably all agree that the tour-bus moment—wherein host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a group of tourists with a trip to the Oscars to meet their idols—was the standout moment of Sunday night’s show. We were alternately touched and weirded out by the whole experience, and couldn’t help but wonder what we would do if put into a similar situation. Here, five things we imagine we would’ve done had we been the ones on that bus.

Hidden Our Faces

We don't wear makeup while sight-seeing, do you? Finding ourselves unexpectedly filmed for a telecast reaching millions and millions of people, while wearing our tourist outfits no less, is literally our worst nightmare.

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Climbed Ryan Gosling

Like a tree. A tall, handsome tree. YOLO.

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Checked Halle's Hair For Red Vines

That's not a dig—her hair was fierce AF. We just love red vines.

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Taken A Selfie With Meryl

Followers are everything in 2017, and this is the shortcut we've been waiting for to get the millions we need to receive the title of "influencers"—and the free stuff that comes along with it.

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Kidnapped Sunny Pawar

Alhough Chrissy Teigen might have beaten us to it.