Saturday Style With Country Music Cool-Girl Nikki Lane

In anticipation of this weekend’s Stagecoach festival in Indio, we’ve been focused on putting our best Western foot forward to channel the music’s heavy Americana vibes. A bonafide pro in both country music and style, we tapped rising singer-songwriter Nikki Lane (whose genre has been best dubbed as “outlaw country“) to share her favorite fashion-focused and on-the-road essentials ahead of this weekend’s festivities, plus which acts she’s most excited to see. Not attending the festival? Follow along as Nikki takes over our Instagram from Stagecoach today to give you backstage access to all the action. Yee-haw.

Nikki Lane's Country-Cool Essentials

Toe-Tapping Boots

Modern Vice Handler Booties, $375

"Ever since NYC-based designer Christian Benner tipped me off to these awesome Modern Vice boots made in the New York fashion district, I've been hooked."

Tight-Fittin' Jeans

Imogene & Willie Elizabeth Jeans in Indigo, $225

"I love getting dressed up for the stage, but the moment I'm off it, I climb into my Imogenes and a clean t-shirt and get comfy. I buy a fresh pair every year, and the older they get, the better."

Go-To Desert Hideaway

Photo: @pappyandharriets

"I might be headed to Coachella Valley to play Stagecoach, but I'm really using it as an opportunity to eat a steak sandwich at Pappy & Harriets. There's nothing better than taking whiskey shots and two-stepping, then walking a hundred yards to bunk out in the Pioneertown Motel."

Portable Party Essential

KMC 3 Wireless Music System, $400

"If there's one thing every green room needs, it's one of these. While doing radio spots in Indianapolis last summer (home of the Klipsch headquarters), we were gifted this portable speaker and it's been churning out tunes before shows ever since."

Must-See Festival Acts

Stagecoach performer Andrew Combs' new album, "All These Dreams."

"Even though we'll be all the way on the other side of the country in California, I'll be spending my days at Stagecoach running around to see my fellow Nashville friends play, including Andrew Combs, Caitlin Rose and Sturgill Simpson—that's my kind of country music."

Keep It Custom

A custom piece by Ft Lonesome.

"My favorite fashion trend has been the resurgence of makers—leather workers, hat makers, chain stitchers, etc. Custom is officially BACK. I'm most excited for this weekend because I finally had a good excuse to beg Kathie Severs of Ft Lonesome custom chain-stitching in Austin, Texas, to make me a custom embroidered playsuit for the show."

Feeling The Fringe

A fringe-detail jacket from Heyoka Leather.

"I like to collect things, and one of my biggest addictions is what you might call "covetable jackets." I'm obsessed with jackets, and my new favorite (which is perfect for the desert after dark) is a handmade fringed Western leather jacket made by Leslie Crow of Heyoka Leather."

For Hair On-The-Fly

Caruso ProTraveler Steam Hairsetter, $37

"I bought my first set of steam rollers at a yard sale when I was in middle school and I've never looked back. 15 minutes and I have curls for three days."

Sentimental Scent

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Invigorating Bath Soap, $10

"This milky bar of soap is full of sea salt and has my favorite smell, so I keep it wrapped in an old bandana and carry it with me on the road."

Liquid Fuel

Gosling's Ginger Beer, $25 for a case of 24

"It's on the rider. It's in the van. It tastes good with whiskey. It tastes good with gin. It even tastes good on its own. Some things you have to give up on the road, like good coffee or Benton's bacon, but this is one bad habit I can't break."