Mila Kunis Shares The Reason She Doesn’t Want Any More Kids

Updated November 3, 2017: We’re pretty certain Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are fabulous parents. After all, they manage to give their 11-month-old son Dimitri Portwood and three-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle the best of both worlds, balancing their A-list status with a private lifestyle that comes rare to Hollywood regulars. But regardless of fame and fortune, it obviously isn’t easy being mom and dad to two ruckus-makers, so we were only mildly surprised when the actress revealed in a recent interview with People that her days of procreating are over. “I will only have two [children],” Mila explained. “[It’s hard] when they outnumber you. Right now, we’re fine. One hand, one hand. One eye, one eye. Two people, two kids.” We have to say this makes total sense.

Original, October 16, 2017:

The Real Reason Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Don’t Share Photos Of Their Children

Despite their A-list status, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher manage to keep their personal lives as far removed from the Hollywood spotlight as possible. Case in point: Their social media accounts—with Ashton rarely sharing a photo or anecdote of his family, and Mila not even present on Twitter or Instagram. And unlike many celebrities, avoiding paparazzi is a choice that proves even stricter when it comes to their children. In an interview for Thrive Global Podcast with iHeartRadio, Ashton revealed why he and Mila don’t post about their children, and we have to say it’s a pretty solid reason.

“We have a private social network that we share stuff with the families so the grandparents can see the kids,” he told host Arianna Huffington. “But we don’t share any photos of our kids publicly because we feel that being public is a personal choice.” Considering Wyatt Isabelle and Dimitri Portwood are three years old and ten months old respectively, it makes total sense that the couple wait until their kids can make the decision for themselves. (After all, the internet can be a pretty scary place.) “My wife and I have chosen a career where we’re in the public light, but my kids have not, so I think they have the right to choose that,” Ashton added. “It’s their private life; it’s not mine to give away. Your social profile is yours to create—not for someone else to create for you.”