We Somehow Missed The Best Pic From Last Night’s Met Gala

We did a lot of reporting last night around the 2017 Met Gala, and to be honest we’re feeling a bit sluggish today as a result. The aftermath of so much excitement—Selena and The Weeknd! Kendall’s booty! Whatever amazing thing Diddy was doing!—can be draining. However, suddenly we feel like we’ve had 10 cups of coffee and an oyster or two (get it?!) because this photo of cuties Riz Ahmed, Rami Malek and Donald Glover from the Met festivities just surfaced. We’re not saying we’re going to print it out and keep it in our wallet/post it above our bed, but we’re also not saying we’re not going to do that. It’s pretty much the most perfect pic that’s ever existed and the best thing to happen to us today, so we had to share it with you in case you are likewise smitten with these three (read: You have a pulse). We have dreams that look like this.