The Person You’d Most Like To Drink Wine With Just Launched A Wine Shop

We don’t know about you, but we have a lot of questions for Martha Stewart. For example, how does she manage to have better skin than us at the age of 75?!? Also, what do her and Snoop talk about off-camera? Was her prison experience anything like Orange Is The New Black? There are so many things we need to know, which is why Martha tops the list of people with whom we’d like to crack open a bottle of wine. While we look for ways to make this happen (email us, MS!), we will be stockpiling her favorite wines as curated in her new online wine shop, aptly title Martha Stewart Wine Co. The wines are available for sale individually or via monthly membership, and the site also includes content around wine, including the best pairings and—of course, in true Martha form—recipes. We didn’t need another excuse to drink wine, but we’re happy to use “Martha Stewart said to” as one nonetheless.