Women of Style: Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Dimitrios Kambouris

From her cool, eclectic sense of style to her dedication to her family and its iconic brand, Margherita Maccapani Missoni is one of our favorite fashion ladies. And with a new husband, baby, home (and haircut!) and ever-growing role in the Missoni empire, we know that this is just beginning of our girl crush. Margherita is truly an icon in the making. Today, our newly minted Woman of Style shares a little bit about career, style, family and how to balance it all.

Early Life & Career

Growing Up

Sunset in Varese, Italy. Photo: @mmmargherita

"I grew up in Northern Italy, in a small village close to the Missoni headquarters and my grandmother's house. I think that being in the countryside is an integral part of the Missoni family way of life. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the ever-changing seasons and the colors of the Northern Italian landscape. Growing up, I would wake to see the Monte Rosa become pink and now, whenever I rise to see the mountain change colors in the morning, my heart melts."

Her Typical Day

Margherita's son, Otto, at the Missoni offices. Photo: @mmmargherita.

"I wake up at about 7:30 to change Otto's diaper and have breakfast with him. At 8:30 I usually do an hour of cross-fit training with an instructor at home, then I shower and head to the office which is a little more than a half a mile away. After his nap Otto and the nanny come to the office so that we can hang a little in the atelier before lunching at my grandmother's next door. The afternoon is spent working in the office and around 6pm I normally go back home to play with the baby before giving him a bath and feeding him dinner. By 8:15 he's in bed and I can enjoy dinner either at home or in a restaurant with my husband."

Her First Job

Margherita photographed by Julian Hargreaves. Photo: @mmmargherita.

"I interned at Vogue Paris when I was just 16. I assisted with anything that required a hand -- from photo shoots to coffee runs for the office."

Her Role Models

Margherita with her mother and grandmother. Photo: @mmmargherita.

"My grandmother Rosita and my mother Angela have had a huge influence on me. They taught me to distance myself from the fashion universe. A great passion for our job runs in the family, but we also know that this is not the most important thing in the world, so we live our lives with lots of irony and detachment. I guess this approach has saved me on many levels."

Having a big, tight-knit family is like having a net of protection that you can fall back on. Even if you fall, you never hurt yourself. It's unconditional love from a large number of people, which nowadays is very rare.

The Best Career Advice She's Ever Received

Photo: @mmmargherita.

"Keep it real!"

Her Role At Missoni Now And In The Future

Margherita in the Missoni for Target ad campaign. Photo: AdWeek

"I'm in charge of accesories, beachwear and kids as well as a brand ambassador. When you own shares of a company, you don't simply go to work in the morning and get back home at 6. It's different, you end up doing whatever is needed as you really care for it. I have a hard time to picturing myself in the future - as of right now, I'm very happy."

The Culture At The Missoni Offices

Margherita at the office. Photo: @mmmargherita.

"A lot of people have worked here for years, they feel part of the family. They are part of the family. There is a very strong sense of belonging."

Style & Personal Life

Her Most Treasured Missoni Items

This Miss03 Handbag. Photo: Facebook.com/missoni.

"The Miss03 handbag from Missoni’s Resort 2014 collection. I designed it myself and I’m very proud of it! Also a 1969 zig-zag cotton bikini that used to belong to my mother, there's a picture of her wearing it at age 12 in Dalmatia. I then wore in as a teenager and kept it until I was asked for it back as it had to be used for 50th anniversary retrospective!"

What She Puts On When She Wants To Feel Glamorous

Photo: @mmmargherita.

"Lurex and lipstick. A turban is another way to feel instantly glamorous."

Missoni Turbans

Her Beauty Essentials

Margherita's red mani. Photo: @mmmargerita.

"I use Rêve de Miel lip balm, L'Oreal mascara (I love them all), By Terry concealer and David Mallet Shampoo No.1: L’hydration. For perfume I wear Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica or Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille. Essie is the best nail polish; Limited Addiction and Potato Field are my favorite colors."

Hero Kit

Inside Her Home

Photo: @mmmargherita.

"I am instinctive with my aesthetic choices. My home is full of memories from my life. But now, for the first time, it doesn’t reflect only my past. Since I decorated my home after marrying my husband, Eugenio, it incorporates both of our personalities. The decor is still rich in color and texture, even though it's a lot cleaner and more minimal than the other places I've lived. "

Invest in classics, both for the wardrobe and the home. Quality lasts a lifetime.

How She Finds Balance

Margherita, Eugenio and Otto. Photo: @mmmargherita.

"My son Otto gives me balance! After his arrival I became much more relaxed and at ease with the world. I would never change back to the pre-Otto Margherita. I am totally fullfilled and negative things affect me much less than before."

Her Jet Set Essentials

Photo: @mmmargherita.

"I only travel with hand lugguage for trips under one week, even if I'm working. I had to learn the hard way but now I'm a very smart packer. My tricks are only taking one pair of high heels, picking color combinations that go together and opting for clothes that work from day to night. I always pack a rich hand cream, mascara, sunglasses and a bathing suit (one never knows)."

Three Things We Didn't Know About Margherita

Photo: @mmmargherita.

1) "I love to embroider", 2) "I can’t cook", 3) "I'm a horrible perfectionist."