The Necklace Every Celeb Is About To Be Wearing

A year after announcing its partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (aka UNICEF), Louis Vuitton has designed a $600 Silver Lockit pendant that has raised $2.7 million for the children affected by the violence in Syria. A third of the necklace’s sales are donated to UNICEF—and Hollywood’s A-listers are already making pinky-swear promises to help children around the world. Celebrities including Selena Gomez and David Beckham are coming together for the luxury brand’s #MakeAPromise Day campaign, which raises funds for kids who are living in conflict, with disease and in other life-threatening situations. You can expect to see the bauble gracing the necks of fashion’s elite—now that’s fashion for a good cause.

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Louis Vuitton Silver Lockit Pendant


Selena Gomez and Nicolas Ghesquière


Kate Moss


David Beckham


Nell Diamond and Leandra Medine