5 Reasons Why We Want To Be Lily-Rose Depp

If you’re attune to the crowd of social media It-girls, you’ve most certainly caught wind of Lily-Rose Depp. With a famous last name serving as an initial catalyst toward the limelight, the young starlet is making a splash all her own on the teen scene. With her arty-cool and highly developed sense of personal style (no small feat as most of us her age were still wearing braces and holding tight to a “blend-in-or-bust” sartorial mentality), she touts the fashion street-smarts of Tavi Gevinson and the bone structure of Gemma Ward. Sharing in this girl crush with the rest of the fashion world, if you aren’t already smitten with Lily-Rose, here are 5 reasons you probably soon will be.

Reason #1: She Has The Coolest Parents On The Planet

She calls Johnny Depp dad and Vanessa Paradis mom—need we say more?

Photos: @lilyrose_depp

Reason #2: She’s Only 15 And Already Sits Front Row At Chanel Shows

Lily caused quite a stir when she made an appearance at Chanel's NYC Metiers d'Art show in March. Rubbing elbows with Karl Lagerfeld at age 15? NBD.

Photo: @lilyrose_depp

Reason #3: Her First Fashion Editorial Is Absolutely Angelic

Lily posed for fashion and pop culture mag Oyster in a series of portraits that show off her cherub-like beauty. In the interview, she also covers topics from her Netflix queue to beauty secrets, so chalk that up as a must-read.

Photo: @oystermagazine

Reason #4: She Takes The Best Selfies

Do you post photos of yourself wearing zit cream, cinching a hoodie closely around your face or with such captions as “I’m a little green bean?” Probably not. Lily-Rose does. In a sea of too-serious selfies, we dig her playful approach to sharing up-close-and-personal pics on social media.

Photo: @lilyrose_depp

Reason #5: She Plays Dress-Up (And Has Unabashed Fun) With Her Friends

Lily-Rose often has impromptu photoshoots with her (equally gorgeous and cool) friends, which she shares on Instagram—proof that though she's bound to grow up quickly in some ways, she still has fun just being a teenager.

Photo: @lilyrose_depp