Leonardo DiCaprio’s All-Time Favorite Kiss Memory Is Too Cute

It’s fact that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the dreamiest couple of all time (regardless of their non-romantic relationship), and the latest tidbit to make us swoon is an adorable memory of Leo’s all-time favorite kiss. In a 2004 Oprah appearance, the newly minted Oscar winner revealed that Kate was indeed his best onscreen kiss, saying, “I’m just gonna go with Kate Winslet, good old classic.” D’awwww. To further enhance the adorable factor, Oprah then shared a 1997 clip of Kate gushing over her costar, to which Leo responded, “That’s my girl. I feel the same way about her. If it wasn’t for her making that film, we would have been shrapnel at this point. It was just the toughest film we ever had to make and we were partners together.” Seriously though, these two could not be any cuter and their unwavering support for each other is utter perfection.

Photo Credit: Getty Images