Lady Gaga Live ’Grams Her Transition From Brunette To Blonde

In case you missed it among the pre-Memorial Day weekend excitement, Lady Gaga went from almost-black to blonde late last week, live ’gramming the entire experience for her followers with tips and advice on making the transition. Here’s what we learned from the pop diva-turned-hair expert during the process.

Lady Gaga As A Raven-Haired Beauty

Gaga wanted to go from "black, demi-permanent" hair color to a "very translucent sparkly white blonde," according to her Instagram posts last week.

Photos: @ladygaga

Tip: Block Off An Entire Day (Or Two)

Gaga posted a series of process shots over the course of two days with comments like, "slow and steady wins the race." Indeed, going from black to white-blonde hair without ruining your tresses takes days not hours, ladies.

Tip: Multitask While You Wait

Gaga wisely multitasked during her hair transition, using plant-stem cell masks and collagen lip jelly masks "for hydration and plumping without the needles or silly bruising." A girl after our own primping-obsessed heart.

Tip: Pretend You've Got Virgin Hair

Here's an interesting tidbit: Gaga commented that the technique they were using was a "virgin bleach application, not balayage," which is known for creating a more natural, highlighted look. "I want a clean, solid, classic blonde," she posted.

Tip: Use Coconut Oil To Protect The Scalp

To combat the harsh, all-over bleaching technique required to get highlight-free locks, Gaga noted that they kept the bleach away from her scalp initially and used coconut oil to protect the skin during the color-stripping process.

Lady Gaga As A Bombshell Blonde

When all was said and done Gaga gave a shout-out to her "blonde mad scientist" colorist Patti Song and proceeded to post a series of sultry selfies in the passenger seat of a vintage convertible. We'd say blondes have more fun, but we're pretty sure Gaga is the secret sauce in this equation—not her hair color (gorgeous though it is).