Kanye’s Birthday Video To Kim Is The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

As we are all probably aware by now, today is Kim Kardashian’s birthday. In what might be the most understated overture he’s ever made to his wife, Kanye honored the occasion by posting a 5-minute compilation of Kim’s childhood home videos to Twitter with the simple caption, “Happy Birthday, Babe.” The genuinely sweet video features clips taken from various periods of Kim’s life, many of which feature her famous siblings, her mother Kris and her late father, Robert Kardashian. The short video also showcases Kim’s earliest attempts at entrepreneurship, as the proprietor of a pretty fancy-looking home restaurant. You’ll want to watch it all the way through to the end, however, if you want to get full-on goosebumps. This gift, we’re guessing, will be more precious to Kim than any of the material things Kanye’s bestowed upon her in the past—maybe this really is the end of an era?

Happy Birthday babe pic.twitter.com/Ee38e4LVFj — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) October 21, 2016