The Kim Kardashian-Approved Guide to Creating Your Dream Closet

For some reason, celebrity closets are endlessly fascinating. (Read here for some interesting intel on why we’re so obsessed with celebrities, generally.) When the closet in question belongs to Kim Kardashian West, the intrigue factor increases exponentially, which is why Vogue’s conversation with Mary Astadourian and Jennifer Dynof of Details Organizing, who co-created Kim K’s dream closet with a little help from her hubby, peaked our interest. Not all of the duo’s tips are necessarily practical for those of us whose entire apartments are smaller than Kim Kardashian West’s closet(s), but we do agree with this sound piece of advice: “The key is to be able to see everything, [otherwise] you’re not going to remember to wear it.” How to accomplish this if you don’t have Kardashian-West-worthy space in which to display your items? We suggest editing down your wardrobe using the KonMari method, which centers around the notion that you should keep only the items that bring you joy. This approach likely vibes with the advice of Astadourian and Dynof, whose final words of wisdom for those of us looking to Kim K. for closet inspiration are, “do whatever makes you happy, because it’s where you start and end your day.” Check out their complete guide to getting your dream closet here.