You Have To See Kendall Jenner Meet The World’s Most Adorable Kitten

If there’s anything internet users understand, it’s the prevalence (and undeniable appeal) of cat videos. Now imagine coupling that with one of the world’s most recognized faces, and it looks like you’ve got a viral clip on your hands. That’s exactly what happened when Vogue put Kendall Jenner and the world’s cutest cat, Jasper, in the same room. The supermodel found herself obsessed, cuddling the fluffy feline to her face. “I’m kind of allergic to cats, but I just don’t care,” she said. Even more adorable was her reaction when the kitten swiftly took to the milk she had poured into a saucer. “I didn’t know cats actually drank milk!” Kendall admitted, to our amusement. “Is that so crazy? I really thought that was, like, a myth.” Oh, Kendall, it’s no surprise you’re a dog person.