Kendall Jenner Forgot She Got A Rolls Royce For Her Birthday

As previously mentioned, we spent our 21st birthday in a dive bar drinking well tequila, and to be honest we don’t remember much of the night. Apparently, celebs really are just like us, at least according to Khloe Kardashian. Yesterday, she told Jimmy Kimmel that in the aftermath of her little sister’s 21st birthday the other night, she had to remind Kendall of a certain event which occurred at the party. You might be thinking, “Oh, cute! Kendall must have kissed a boy, fallen down some stairs, taken an embarrassing selfie or done something relatable-yet-embarrassing of the like”… right? Sort of. According to Khloe, an unidentified man “who was, like, a prince or something” gifted Kendall with a Rolls Royce—a car worth upwards of $300,000—and her little sister had completely forgotten about it by the next morning. “’Oh my God,” she allegedly said to her older sibling, in a morning-after ah-ha moment that looks nothing like any one we’ve ever had. “I forgot I got a car last night!'”

No comment (says this writer, as she raids the self-help section on Amazon while simultaneously booking appointments with her therapist, yoga guru, life coach, zen master, crystal healer and acupuncturist, googling “how to make a sex tape” and breathing into a paper sack).