Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Nail BFF Style

Real talk, we haven’t wanted to rock the matchy-matchy BFF vibe since middle school, but when Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid debut a twinning moment, our interest is suddenly piqued. Known for donning similar statement pieces from bomber jackets to thigh-high boots, the pair upped the ante yesterday in matching true-blue denim, black bodysuits and their favorite cool-weather footwear (evidently seasons are irrelevant in their world). Polishing off their look with circular sunnies and ’90s chokers, the twosome appear every bit the besties they are, though not without model-off-duty merit. Ahead, the pieces you need to join their coordinated crew, from their actual boots to affordable takes on the rest.


BFF Style

Cool Like Kendall

Rocking high-waisted skinnies against her favorite patent leather boots, Kendall is effortlessly sleek.

Just Like Gigi

Flattering flares ground Gigi's casual-cool ensemble, with retro sunnies and pointed-toe ankle boots as finishing touches.