Katie Nehra Shares Her Beauty Rules

Always keen to tap into the minds (and makeup bags) of bombshell blondes with flawless skin, we couldn’t wait to catch up with Katie Nehra. The writer, actress and designer juggles a bevy of creative projects, the latest of which is indie film Alex of Venice (she co-wrote the script and stars in the Chris Messina-directed flick). From the movie to her collection (on any given day you’ll likely find a Team Zoe staffer rocking one of her Simone leather jackets), we tend to be big fans of the things Ms. Nehra endorses—her beauty routine now included.

Katie Nehra Shares Her Beauty Rules

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Rule #1: Find Your Flawless-Face Essentials

"La Mer concealer is expensive but worth every penny! I also love kabuki brushes for foundation and Tom Ford bronzer."

Photo: @katienehra

Rule #2: Get Good Skin (All Over)

"I love Charlotte Tilbury's mask balm for the body. When it comes to soap, I use Dove bar soap!"

Rule #3: Find A Beauty Trend That Suits You

"I love the strong brow, slicked-back hair trend! It's easy and clean."

Katie at the "Alex of Venice" premiere. Photo: @katienehra

Rule #4: Believe In The Power Of A Mask

"Biologique Recherche products are my favorite! I try to do the VIP mask mixed with baking soda and Vivant mask every day. They are expensive, but they work—I think skincare is probably the most important thing to splurge on."

Rule #5: Don't Forget The Little Things

"Sleep is key! I also wear SPF every day and use coconut oil for everything (body, hair, lips, etc)."

Katie catching some rays (and zzz's) while poolside. Photo: @katienehra