Kate Middleton And Prince William Reveal Their Love For Ikea Furniture

Kate Middleton and Prince William looking at each other

Despite residing in castles, wearing the crown jewels and an estimated worth of millions of dollars, we like to think England’s royal family isn’t too different from us regular humans (read: peasants). And making a case for our argument is their latest reveal: Kate Middleton and Prince William are fans of Ikea. Yes, the regal couple admitted today that they do indeed have some pieces from the Swedish furniture brand in their children’s rooms in Kensington Palace. While, unlike us, they probably employ a staff to do the assembly and heavy lifting, this little tidbit of information makes us feel a kinship of sorts with the famous parents. What’s next, kitchenware from Target? Groceries from Trader Joe’s? Here’s hoping. And, just for the sake of daydreaming—and avoiding productivity on a seemingly long Tuesday—here are some Ikea pieces we deem royal-worthy. Enjoy!

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The Couple That Buys Ikea Together...