Kanye West Shares His Truth About Taylor Swift

Kylie Jenner’s insane shoe closet and more of today’s news.

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Kanye Shares His Truth

Headlining Manila's Paradise International Music Festival on Saturday, Kanye West delivered long-winded musings on his first live performance of "Famous," the passion behind his artistic endeavors and, naturally, Taylor Swift. Bringing up the infamous 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident in which he interrupted Tay's acceptance speech, Yeezy explained that being a true artist means you must "say what you f**king feel."

"You know the night I'm talking about, when I just said what everybody else was thinking. So if I get in trouble for saying the truth, what's being said the rest of the time?" While we weren't expecting an apology, it's a bit surprising that he dug the hole deeper, seven years later. See his entire explanation, plus a clip from one of the three times he performed "Famous" that night. [ Harper's Bazaar ]


Kylie Opens Up Her Shoe Closet

She may be a lip-kit maven, but Kylie Jenner's footwear game is equally strong. In a series of Snapchat posts, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan showed off her expertly organized shoe closet complete with a selection of sparkling Louboutins, various thigh-high styles and her look of the day, a leopard-print pair of Tom Fords. Check the footage for some seriously insane shoe envy. [ Glamour ]

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Is Fashion Killing Creativity?

Raf Simons opened up about his recent textile design project and how the pace of the fashion industry can hinder creativity rather than encourage it. "These days it’s a different way of consuming [culture]," said the Belgian designer. "It's looking and then swiping to the next thing—looking, next; looking, next; looking, next; next, next, next, next. There’s less dialogue and engagement in general. … Everyone is paying attention to the wrong thing in my opinion. What we should ask is will we have enough creative people who are strong enough and willing to do what is necessary right now to follow that madhouse."

With the fashion industry very much in flux, Simons raises an excellent point of whether or not designers are right to be amenable to the changes or if they're compromising the integrity of their creative process. [ The Telegraph ]

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Fake Your Space

Apartment living is ideal when you're still getting your bearings with adulthood and establishing your decorating style. The tough part? Working with small spaces often ill equipped with storage, entertainment areas and the like. Twenty hacks from The Property Brothers will get you on track. Check out their expert storage tips, space-saving strategies and the secret to creating the illusion of a bigger home. [ The New Potato ]