Justin Timberlake Just Won The Oscars

He can sing, dance, act and he has a mischievously good sense of humor, so it was no surprise that Justin Timberlake owned entertainment’s biggest night with his opening act. Performing his hit single “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” the singer-songwriter got everybody up and dancing at the (traditionally stiff) 89th annual Academy Awards, and it was absolutely glorious. Add to that his hilarious photobomb of Emma Stone on the carpet, and you have a much-welcomed jokester we’re happy to see steal the show. Here, a few reasons he won the Oscars within the first five minutes.


When He Photobombed Emma Stone's Interview

She then said, "Who are those people?" before warning us: "Stranger danger."

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When He Got Everybody Dancing

Surrounded by a bevy of dancers, Justin brought down the house with his rendition of "Can't Stop The Feeling" from the hit movie Trolls.

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When He Threw His Microphone At Jimmy Kimmel

At the end of his performance, JT flung the mic to host Jimmy Kimmel (who failed to catch it) as he took the stage.