Jessica Alba’s Commencement Speech Gave Us All The Feels

Jessica Alba took time out of her busy schedule as a business owner, actress, and mother of two this week to pay her good fortune forward. She spoke at the commencement of 70 students from Thomas Riley High School in Los Angeles—some of whom are already mothers and all of whom live below the poverty line—and had inspiring words to impart to the matriculating students.

“I am here today because I stood on the shoulders of my mom who fought against the odds to invest in me and my future,” Alba said. ” She inspired me to pursue my dreams and today The Honest Company and Baby2Baby are here to support yours. We applaud your work and congratulate you on this achievement.”

Los Angeles-based nonprofit Baby2Baby partnered with The Honest Company to provide each grad with a care package complete with diapers, clothing and other essentials. Alba herself comes from modest beginnings, and it’s clear she hasn’t forgotten this fact despite overwhelming success. We find her continued efforts to go above and beyond to improve the lives of others—when she could just be relaxing on a private island somewhere—to be both refreshing and incredibly inspiring.