Women Of Style: Jennifer Meyer Maguire

Mireya Acierto

Confession: We’re kind of obsessed with fashion publicist turned jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire. Not only is she a talented designer and business woman but she’s also a dedicated friend, wife and mother and an all-around glamorous Los Angeles girl (she’s a native, in fact). Today the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runner-up shares a little bit about how she got her start as a designer, her role models, fashion must-haves and more. You’re going to love her, trust.

Life & Career

Her First Job

Jennifer with her father and sister. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"My first job was working at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). I was 14 and I worked in the mailroom. Delivering mail, scooping ice cream on Fridays, organizing, etc… It was an amazing experience. The best part was watching my Dad. Being around what he built gave me the bug to start my own company at a young age."

What Inspired Her To Start A Jewelry Line

JB Lacroix

Jennifer with her husband, actor Tobey Maguire. Photo: Getty Images

"My husband is going to love this… I have to give him credit. I had zero knowledge about the jewelry industry. No training. Nothing. And he kept asking me what I wanted to do and I finally admitted it was jewelry. He really pushed me to try it out and thank god he did!"

I was so lucky to work for both Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. It really doesn't get better. I think it gave me a beautiful foundation on how to run my business. But I think that good PR is a way of life. In both your personal world and business. Treat everyone with love and kindness and you will succeed in every way.

Her Typical Workday

Sweet snapshots from Jennifer's family life. Photos via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"My every day starts with my kids. Thankfully. Breakfast, school drop offs, etc… then straight to the office. Each day varies. But always consists of meetings, usually lunch with my girls in the office unless I have a meeting, returning emails, returning emails, returning emails, design meeting, getting caught up on orders, and on and on. Then I go pick up the kids from school. Straight home to the computer and phone calls with the office. Then no matter what dinner with the kids. Bath. Bedtime. And if I'm lucky, sleep. Or out for dinner."

Career Lessons

Jen's sister wearing Jennifer Meyer pieces. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"I've learned that most, if not all, women love jewelry! That women love jewelry with meaning and pieces that are classic and that will last a lifetime. One of my favorite things about designing jewelry is all the incredible women I meet. They come up to me on the street and tell me their stories. About their kids, their kids initials, when and why their significant other bought them the piece, and let me in on these fantastic parts of their life."

Where She Finds Inspiration

A pretty postcard from Jennifer's travels. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"I'm lucky that I have the most incredible group of girls that surround me. And a very stylish 7 year old daughter. That's where most of my inspiration comes from. Whenever I travel I always keep my eyes wide open!"

Career Advice

Jennifer and Diane Von Furstenberg. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"I'm really lucky that after I won runner-up for the Vogue CFDA challenge my mentor became Diane Von Furstenburg. Saying that still gives me chills. She gives me incredible advice daily. It's mind blowing. And also from my Dad. They both give incredible life advice that translates into career advice. Be a good person. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be kind. And one quote I love from my Dad is "Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups." Assume nothing. And do your job to the best of your ability and better!"

My role models: Diane Von Furstenburg. Anna Wintour. My Grandma. These three women have helped shaped my career through love and advice in a way I can never fully explain. How Anna Wintour and DVF return an email within 5 minutes of receiving it I will never know.

Style & Beauty

Her Style Must-Haves


Saint Laurent Lips Dress, $3490

"A Rachel Zoe blazer! I love everything ALC and Elder Statesman. A new Shoshanna bikini for a warm vacation I'm hopefully taking (fingers crossed), a little white eyelit dress from Isabel Marant. The new Saint Laurent lips dress!!!!! A little Elkin Baby Doll dress. Tabitha Simmons heels. New Rag and Bone Jeans. And that's just for starters!"

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Her Most Treasured Pieces Of Jewelry

Jennifer's signature letter pendants. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"I have a few. My wedding band. The first charm necklace my daughter made for me at our local bead store. A watch my Dad gave me for my 21st birthday. A lapis ring from my Grandma. And a letter pinky ring my Mom gave me that was a gift to her from my Dad 40 years ago…"

The One Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Jennifer Meyer Gold Wishbone Necklace, $1200

"Something with meaning. Whether it be a piece you saved up for and purchased because you fell in love with it. A piece you share with your best friend. Something connected to your child. Meaning is most important!"

Her Beauty Staples

Jen's collection of Tarte lip crayons. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

"I love Living Proof hair products, they tame my thick hair so well. I moisturize like crazy. Almond Oil for my body. Lucas PaPaw for my lips and nails. Tarte for my cheeks and color on my lips. Their colors are so pretty and can be applied with your fingers. I'm very challenged when it comes to applying makeup so this is great for me! I love Clea De Peau eye cream, La Mer face moisturizer and old fashioned Ponds too."

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How She Finds Balance

Charley Gallay

Jen with Rachel, Nicole Richie and Gwen Stefani at the Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala. Photo: Getty Images

"Put your personal life first. My husband, my kids and my friends are my life. And when that all works, everything works. When I am at the office or in meetings I give it my all. Full focus. But when I get in the car, I call my best friend and download. There is nothing better in the world. My girls keep me balanced."

3 Things We Don't Know About Her

Jen's day-off style. Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry on Instagram.

1.) "I love a good hula-hoop challenge", 2.) "I majored in Child and Family Psychology", 3.) "I love hip hop music! When I'm in my car alone I blast Jay-Z and sing at the top of my lungs (seriously)."