Jennifer Aniston Swears By Drinking This Every Morning—And You Probably Already Have It

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston is in incredible shape. The ageless beauty boasts a no-fuss diet and exercise routine that rivals even most Instagram fitness stars, so we weren’t too surprised when she revealed that she’d like to expand into a wellness venture beyond her lucrative film career. In a recent interview with the hilarious Amy Sedaris for Harper’s Bazaar, the cover star shared her desire to transform her healthy regimen into more than just a lifestyle. “My dream is to open a wellness center,” Jen said. “I have a fantasy where you have this beautiful space with facialists, rotating workouts, meditation classes and a café with recipes that are healthier versions of delicious foods so you’re not deprived. I’m working on it in my brain.”

It makes perfect sense for the actress, who manages to keep her gym-sculpted figure and flawless skin despite passing years. Turns out, she does have a secret: “I take a lot of vitamins, I’m not going to lie,” she said. “It changes all the time… Now I’m doing apple cider vinegar in the morning.” But that’s not all—Jen is also a firm believer of the much-needed R&R. “Not to sound all woo-woo, but if you go out into the world with inner peace, you’re more joyful,” she added. “There’s a life’s-too-short policy that I now have with my work: no negative Nancies. So I’m looking forward to my facial.” We’re booking our appointments, stat.