Designer Janessa Leone Shares Her Beauty Rules

As if we needed any more reason to adore a good chapeau, enter hat designer Janessa Leone, whose eponymous brand has the off-duty cool vibe totally nailed. Her must-have accessories are adored by celebs and It-girls alike, but Janessa herself also proves to have major star power—from landing on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list to swoon-worthy personal style, if you aren’t already familiar with the burgeoning milliner, add her to your list of ones to watch. Here, the Cali-based babe shares her top beauty tips for staying naturally gorgeous.

Janessa Leone Shares Her Beauty Rules

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Rule #1: Hit Snooze

"It's so important to get quality sleep!"

Photo: @janessaleone

Rule #2: Keep It Natural

"Whether it's makeup or products, find natural ingredients that don't strip your skin's natural oils. Less is more! Some of my favorite products are Brave Soldier cleanser and Ayur-Medic clarifying cream. The cleanser helps to restore skin's natural moisture and balance, and also helps heal. The Ayur-Medic line is so clean and simple. It uses ayurvedic herbs and helps keep my skin clear and even. I love their moisturizer!"

Rule #3: Trust An Expert With Your Skin

"Find an aesthetician you love and never let go. I'm scared to share my secret weapon, Vanessa Hernandez, but it would be a crime to keep her all to myself."

Janessa showing off her radiant skin. Photo: Courtesy

Rule #4: Go For The Gold

"My favorite trendy beauty product is a gold mask. My aesthetician makes the most amazing gold masks that are a miraculous fix for any skin issue I am having. I could go an entire night without sleep and put one of them on and look like I just had the best rest of my life. "

Rule #5: Chill Out

"I take an ice cube to my face every morning and ice my skin for 15 minutes."

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Rule #6: Focus On The Eyes

"Splurge on a good eye cream. My favorite is SCBI Stem Cell Eye Firming Cream."

Rule #7: Don't Forget Your Hands

"My mom told me to put sunscreen on my hands every day because your hands age the quickest. Every morning when I put my sunscreen on my face, I make sure to get the back of my hands as well."

Rule #8: Sun Responsibly

"I'd tell my teenage self now to not get sunburnt! The majority of our skin damage happens when we are young and think we are impervious to aging."

Photo: @janessaleone