Is This The Next Kendall Jenner?

Bennett Raglin/BET

In case you haven’t noticed, famous parents (and the consequent genetic jackpot) coupled with a substantial media following and a post-1992 birth date pretty much guarantee an illustrious modeling career. Examples include everyone from the Delevingnes to the Jenners to the Hadids and now Willow Smith is joining the party. At the tender age of 14 Willow has already stormed the music scene (whipping her hair back and forth) and graced the pages of fashion publications like i-D and CR Fashion Book, but is now officially throwing her hat into the fashion ring thanks to a modeling contract with The Society Management. If her parents’ good looks and her preternatural coolness have anything to do with it this girl will go far, for which we are incredibly grateful because her personal style is anything but dull. Watch this space.