How To Steal Kate Bosworth’s Style

It’s no secret that Ms. Bosworth knows a thing or two about style, but she has taken things to the next level with the launch of her new free app Style Thief, available on iTunes now. Basically, you shoot an image of an item you want to purchase, the app searches online for similar options, and you can click through to purchase. The result of a collaboration with an experienced team including Founder Samantha Russ, Kate who is the Chief Marketing Officer, will also curate special collections and potentially produce a clothing line for the site. In the meantime, we’ve tested out the app to see if you can point and shoot your way to the wardrobe of your dreams!

1. Download

The App is free and user friendly. It walks you through a brief tutorial to explain the features.

2. Snap A Pic

You can either shoot from the app, or scan a library image. We've used a pic from Tibi's LA shoot to see if it recognized the sweater that is on sale (online) now. Select a category, in this case "Sweaters".

3. Sort Results

Prioritize by prize, relevance and recency as you would on a traditional e-commerce site.

Step 4. Scan Findings

This was the closest similar option we found. You can click through to purchase, add to favorites or refine the search with related options. You are also able to search retailers and items directly. We look forward to seeing how the app, and indeed this technology, develops!