THIS Is How Much Selena Gomez And Kim Kardashian Make On Insta

We all know that some lucky people—whether they’re traditional celebrities (whatever that even means now) or not—are making big bucks on Instagram these days. For many of the bloggers we know in Los Angeles, the social platform is their main source of income, which is pretty crazy, right? Maybe not, given that Busy Phillips—an actual working actress—recently admitted to her followers that she earns more on Instagram than she does acting. Just how much, however, are these influencers earning via a couple of casual photographs? Well, filed under information you may not know want to know, a Swedish loan company called Advisa has the answer based on follower counts. In their estimation, Kim Kardashian can charge $423,424 per post. Selena Gomez, meanwhile, earns around $490,000 each time she shares a sponsored snapshot. Based on this shocking information, we are fairly certain we’re toiling away in obscurity for no good reason, and should instead quit our jobs and focus all of our energies on building an Instagram following. As it stands, according to this company’s calculations, this writer could be making $23,000 extra dollars a year through sponsored posts served to her meager 1,500 followers. Noted, and now if you’ll excuse us, there are college degrees we need to shred, life choices we need to re-evaluate and brightly-painted walls we need to be photographed in front of ASAP.