9 Celebrities On Why Being Single Is Amazing

So you’re single, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and you can’t go anywhere without being reminded that you don’t have a significant other. So what? Did you know the longest-living woman in history credits being single (plus eggs and cookies) for her longevity? It’s true! If that doesn’t make you feel better, maybe this will: nine badass babes explaining why they don’t need a relationship to feel whole.

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Drew Barrymore

"It's ironic that we rush through being 'single' as if it's some disease or malady to get rid of or overcome," Drew wrote in her book Wildflower. "The truth is, most likely, one day you will meet someone and it will be gone. And once it's gone, it's really gone! Why does no one tell us how important it is to enjoy being single and being by yourself?"


Mindy Kaling

"In my 20s, I was not only boy-crazy, but marriage and relationship crazy. Now it's almost the opposite," Mindy told Flare magazine. "My work is so rewarding and I'm so self-centered about it that I'm kind of excited about not having to go home and ask someone about their day."

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Diane Keaton

"When I was young, I honestly believed in some ridiculous way that you would find someone who would be the person you lived with until you died," Diane has said. "I don't think that because I'm not married it's made my life any less. That old maid myth is garbage."

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Katy Perry

"I’ve learned I'm in a very modern fairy tale, but I also know I don't need Prince Charming to have a happy ending," Katy told the Daily Record in 2012. "I can make the happy ending myself."

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Coco Chanel

"It's probably not just by chance that I'm alone," she once said. "It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he's terribly strong. And if he's stronger than I, I'm the one who can't live with him."


Chelsea Handler

"Next time you see a single woman, instead of asking her where her boyfriend, husband or eunuch is, congratulate her on her accomplished sense of self and for reaching the solitary mountaintop by herself without a ring on her finger weighing her down like a male paperweight," Chelsea wrote in an essay.


Gloria Steinem

"Marriage works [better] for men than women," Gloria Steinem once asserted. "The two happiest groups are married men and unmarried women."‬

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Stevie Nicks

"Most women would not be happy being me," Stevie told Vulture in 2013. "People say, 'But you're alone.' But I don't feel alone. I feel very un-alone. I feel very sparkly and excited about everything. I know women who are going, like, 'I don't want to grow old alone.' And I'm like, 'See, that doesn't scare me.' Because I'll never be alone. I'll always be surrounded by people. I'm like the crystal ball and these are all the rings of Saturn around me.…My generation fought very hard for feminism, and we fought very hard to not be labeled as you had to have a husband or you had to be in a relationship, or you were somehow not a cool chick."

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Kendall Jenner

"I think a strong woman is independent, don't need no man...[and] can walk into a room by herself and not be bothered," Kendall commented while promoting her Calvin Klein campaign.