You Won’t Believe What Gigi Hadid Hates Doing

Despite Gigi Hadid’s incredible style and enviable closet, the supermodel revealed in a recent interview that she actually hates shopping. Gasp! Explaining her aversion to long lines and the trying-on process, the blonde beauty admitted: “Honestly, I’m not a big shopper. I guess it’s because it’s my job to try things on. I love shopping without having to go to the dressing room or take what I’m wearing off. That’s why I love glasses and bags. I buy a lot of [those], because I don’t try them on.” We feel you, Gigi.

Continuing the theme of effortless style, the mega-model explained the method behind her athleisure-inspired looks: “Model off duty in New York on a normal day is ‘Gigi going to the gym,’ ‘Gigi going to the grocery store’—that’s why you always see me in yoga pants. Thank God athleisure is in right now … it makes my ‘going to the gym’ turn into my ‘might have to go to a meeting after’ a very smooth transition.”

Now that we have Gigi to thank for legitimizing leggings, we’re much more inclined to maintain our own easy dressing sensibilities on the regular. “Living in New York is great inspiration,” she says. “Everyone here is very real in the way they dress. Everyone still thinks about having to walk down the street and having to go from work straight to drinks—it just makes more sense,” says the model. Hear, hear Gigi—uncomplicated style for the win!