Here’s What Emma Watson Refused To Do On The Beauty And The Beast Set

Actress Emma Watson is one of the most vocal feminists of her generation. As such, we can imagine it must’ve been difficult at first to wrap her head around playing one of Disney’s famed princesses, as they traditionally don’t get to do much but fall in love. Instead of passing on the role of Belle in one of the most beloved stories of all time, however, Emma insisted on updating her princess to more accurately reflect a real, live woman. She convinced Beauty and the Beast filmmakers to make Belle an inventor rather than just relegating her to the role of daughter of an inventor, and in keeping with the realities of such an undertaking, Emma further refused to be dressed in corsets as would traditionally be done. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma said she wanted her Belle to be an active princess, and that she worked closely with the film’s costume designer to ensure her character’s iconic outfits would still allow for actual movement beyond dancing and swooning. As huge, huge huge fans of the animated Disney version of the story, we are all for maintaining its charm without compromising on setting an example for the young girls (and grown women) who will be flocking to the film in droves. In other words, we are so into this new-and-improved, three-dimensional Belle whose waist does not need to be cinched like a Victorian housewife. Watch her in action below.