Emily Ratajkowski Is Speaking Her Mind—And She Thinks You Should, Too

Emily Ratajkowski may be one of the most recognized faces in the modeling industry, but she’s also a powerhouse activist. The supermodel isn’t afraid to speak her mind on social platforms regarding everything from Black Lives Matter to that controversial Pepsi ad.

In a series of quick-fire questions with Glamour, EmRata had a few words to say about the current political climate—sharing her thoughts on the stigma surrounding feminism, recalling a time when an Internet troll commented, “Still can’t believe you’re a feminist,” after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a shirt with a pro-women message.

“Now there’s a weird thing where people are like, ‘I would never want to be associated with that,’ but there are also people who are like, ‘I’m a feminist,’ but then they don’t actually believe in the feminist ideals,” she said.

While she’s against any celebrities becoming the next president (sorry, Kanye 2020 supporters), Emily admitted she’s not all for traditional standards of political correctness. “I don’t love PC-ness because sometimes we end up missing the larger points,” she said. “It’s important to know what the big-picture issues are.”

She also understands her white privilege, but that doesn’t mean she’ll skip protests or keep her mouth shut. “When it gets to really specific issues, that’s when you have to stand up,” she said. “Even though it doesn’t impact me directly, it’s something I don’t like within our culture.” You go, girl.