Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Are Taking Their Real-Life Romance To The Big Screen

Joining the ranks of co-star couples like Blake and Ryan, Goldie and Kurt and Jenna and Channing, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are finally starring in a movie together—and it’s not just a cheesy rom-com. The couple, who’ve long been big stars yet haven’t appeared in the same film, signed on for leading roles in the upcoming supernatural thriller A Quiet Place. (Fun fact: John himself will write and direct—and he’s already done the latter twice before.) Plot details remain under wraps, but we do know this: The Michael Bay–produced flick is set on a farm and centers on a family being terrorized by something evil. In fact, the story line was reportedly so good that neither Emily nor John wanted to pass up the opportunity after reading the script, thus ending their streak of separate work and home lives. With production slated to start this fall, we look forward to their joint press tour appearances and can’t wait to see how this project strengthens the Hollywood duo’s already swoon-worthy relationship.