We Actually Can’t Tell The Difference Between Kaia Gerber And Cindy Crawford’s High School Pictures

Getty Images for Hudson Jeans
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Okay, so we're tired—like, really really tired and ready for Thanksgiving—but we are having a very tough time telling the difference between Kaia and Cindy's high school pictures, which the supermodel mom just posted to Instagram.


It isn't surprising that they look similar, because they share DNA, but it is kind of eerie how identical they look, down to the long brown hair, flawless skin, mesmerizing eyes and megawatt smile. When we tried the same side-by-side comparison of our high school pics with those of our moms the only common factor was a tragic adherence to dated trends (her: serious bouffant, us: painfully overplucked eyebrows). So, there you have it: Celebrities, not like us.