10 Reasons You Need To Plan A Trip To Tulum

When the ultimate beach babes tell you you must take a trip to a certain locale in Mexico, you oblige without hesitation. Such was the case with the designers behind cult-followed clothing brand Stone Cold Fox, Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, whose recent adventures in Tulum led them to dish on a handful of landmarks, restaurants and spas they consider must-visits (and consequently have us casually perusing flight options during our lunch hour). Here, 10 dreamy spots to hit when visiting Tulum—plus other insider tips and what to pack to make your vacay über-chic.

Where To Eat

Casa Violeta is the perfect spot for brunch on the beach. Gitano has great food and is fun for dancing and drinks at night. Hartwood is hard to get into, but the food and the atmosphere makes it worth the wait. And sometimes, it's just fun to go into town and grab a good old slice of pizza at a local spot—they do it really well there."

The brunch spread at Casa Violeta. Photos: Courtesy of Cydney Morris

Where To Stay

“The beach in front of Be Tulum is one of the best—their little bar also serves up some great drinks. Our friend just got married at Papaya Playa , which has a younger, more rustic vibe. There are amazing houses available on the property to rent. A newer spot that just opened is called Sanará —if you're into yoga in a beautiful setting, this is your place. Coqui Coqui has such a nice, secluded vibe, plus the coconut perfume from their retail space is a must to come home with."

The view from a cabana at Papaya Playa.

Where To Shop

“All of the scents, hats, crochet bags and hammocks at Coqui Coqui are so beautiful, you just can't leave empty-handed. The little boutique at the front of Posada Margherita carries our line Stone Cold Fox, plus pretty bathing suits and tapestries that are great for the end of your bed."

The Stone Cold Fox girls with friends outside Posada Margherita.

Where To Grab A Drink

"It doesn't happen every night, but sometimes they throw a really great party in the back of Casa Jaguar . Otherwise, sticking around the bar at the aforementioned restaurants is a surefire bet. If you're looking for a club scene, Tulum isn’t the place to be!"

The ladies during a night on the town in Tulum.

What To See

“The best way to see Tulum is to rent a bike for about $10 a day, and just hop around the various hotels and beaches. It's easy to get around and feeling the breeze after a swim through the jungle is such a dreamy feeling. There are many in the area, but try to find a smaller cenote (a water hole in the jungle) that isn’t crowded. The water is so fresh and beautiful, scoping one out is definitely worth it. If you're craving a spa day, the facilities at Yaan Wellness are unreal.”

Cydney at one of Yaan Wellness' beautiful pools.

What To Pack

"We naturally tend to pack pieces from our own collection—the Ryder romper in particular is perfect to throw on after a swim and versatile enough for day and night. Also, be sure to bring the practical essentials: bug spray, flat sandals, sunscreen, caftans, bikinis, hats for the strong sun (we love those by Gladys Tamez), oils for keeping your hair and skin moisturized and dry shampoo."