11 Celebrity Relationship Quotes That Are Serious Goals

Relationships are not easy, and many of the couples on this list have gone through rocky periods while in the public eye—an undertaking we imagine is especially difficult. Still, to us, these pairs approach perfection in their dedication to each other, their persistence and of course their enduring love. Here, 11 celebrity relationship quotes that have us upping our standards stat.

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George Clooney On Amal

"She's someone that I enjoy spending every minute of the day with and I'm very proud to be around, watching the things that she does I admire so greatly," George told BBC in 2015.

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Justin Timberlake On Jessica Biel

"Every once in a while, I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking, and I have this moment where I'm like, 'If you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life, you made one really good decision,'" Justin told People in 2016.

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Barack Obama On Michelle

"I couldn't have done anything that I've done without Michelle," Obama told Oprah Winfrey in 2011. "You were asking earlier what keeps me sane, what keeps me balanced, what allows me to deal with the pressure. It's this young lady right here.... Not only has she been a great First Lady, she is just my rock. I count on her in so many ways every single day."

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Bill Clinton On Hillary

"She conveyed a sense of strength and self-possession I had rarely seen in anyone, man or woman," Bill says of his first impression of Hillary in his memoir. "She was in my face from the start, and, before I knew it, in my heart."


John Krasinski On Emily Blunt

"I'm living a lottery-ticket life," John told the Today show. "My wife is my hero in every single way. Truly, every single day I'm blown away by her, so I'm always looking to her for inspiration."


Dax Shephard On Kristen Bell

"She's way out of my league," Shephard told Queen Latifah. "Learn to dance, young men, learn to dance. Make jokes and learn to dance, and you can land a Kristen Bell."


Portia De Rossi On Ellen DeGeneres

"We're just really good friends, and we talk about everything, and we never, ever lie to each other, like not even the tiniest lies. She's the only person I want to hang out with," Portia told ET. "She is my best friend, and I just want to be with her all the time."


Beyoncé On Jay Z

"I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man," Beyoncé told Oprah. "And it just gives me such a foundation."


Kanye West On Kim

"There's times when I wasn't with [Kim], I wanted to be with her so bad I thought about taking up sports," Kanye joked with Kris Jenner on Kris .

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David Beckham On Victoria

"I love her for many reasons, but the main one is because she gave me the most amazing children," David captioned a Mother's Day post on Instagram.

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Ryan Reynolds On Blake Lively

"I'm not one for vomiting declarations of sentiment out across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I'd ever been in my entire life. I couldn't even believe it.... I used to say to [Blake], 'I would take a bullet for you. I could never love anything as much as I love you.' I would say that to my wife," Ryan told David Letterman.