Burberry’s New Holiday Campaign Video Is Basically Oscar-Worthy

The brand is no stranger to theatrical campaign videos, but when Burberry released its holiday short, we weren’t exactly sure if we were watching a dramatized ad or a trailer for a future Oscar-nominated film. The three-minute exploration of the life of Burberry’s founder proves that the British brand should follow in Tom Ford’s footsteps and pursue the business of filmmaking.

Leading the cast is Domnhall Gleeson as Thomas Burberry, whose love story with Sara, portrayed by Sienna Miller, leads to the main plot—his invention of the iconic gabardine suit for Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, played by Dominic West. It then addresses an affair with Lily James’ Betty Dawson, a fictional character inspired by the real-life pilot who broke a world record while flying a plane named “The Burberry.”

In celebration of the storied label’s 160th anniversary, it’s no surprise that Burberry enlisted Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Matt Charman for this epic treatment. Should we expect a biopic anytime soon?