Britney Spears Reminds Us All That There’s Hope

Getty Images

No matter which version of the facts you subscribe to—that of the political left or right—one thing we think is indisputable is that the world is in a not-so-great place. Conflicts abound, species are added to the endangered list daily, war refugees continue to increase in numbers, Zika is still a threat and the list goes on. In fact, it feels like we’re globally heading for a Britney Spears-esque, head-shaving meltdown—which is why we couldn’t have been more relieved to see what she posted on the 10th anniversary of her own rock-bottom moment. The iconic performer took to Instagram to share an uplifting message as a reminder of where she’s been and where she is now. Reflecting on her trajectory has inspired us and given us hope that the world, too, will get back on its feet eventually. In the words of Britney herself, we may all just need to “Work, B*tch” in order to make it happen. You can see the quote, which she captioned “Words everyone should live by,” below.