Beyoncé’s Lemonade May Not Mean What We All Think

We—like most of the world—are still trying to recover from the jaw-dropping, obscure and magical premiere of Beyoncé’s HBO special Lemonade. Her outpouring of raw emotion touched on everything from empowerment to heartbreak, and in true Queen Bey fashion her costume choices did not disappoint. Following its debut, Vogue sat down with the genius behind her cinematic garb, Marni Senofonte who also styled the “Formation” video. While she gave us the scoop on each major look, the stylist shared an enlightening point to take away from this production: “I don’t ever take anything Beyoncé does as literal, because I know her as an artist; it could be any lemon that’s thrown your way, it could be anything.” So whether she wants us to think her songs are about her husband or a completely different situation, Beyoncé never fails to keep us on our toes. From the heavily Victorian-inspired clothes to the hat that was just so big it had to be made exclusively in Mexico, get a glimpse into the making of Lemonade here.