Beyoncé Might Star In Your Favorite Disney Movie

As if she isn’t already the #1 choice for literally everything else in life, it looks like Beyoncé has also topped director Jon Favreau’s casting list as he prepares to helm the live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King. (Here’s where we pause in silence to reflect upon his glorious choice.) The pop superstar has reportedly been named Favreau’s first pick to voice queen lion Nala, and we’re already praying this comes to fruition. Likely in part because of her pregnancy, Bey has yet to make a statement regarding the film, but sources have indicated that Favreau and the studio “will do whatever it takes to accommodate her schedule.” (Obviously.) Should she join the cast, she’ll be working alongside Donald Glover, who’s already on board to voice Simba, and James Earl Jones, aka the OG voice of Mufasa. Casting Beyoncé would most likely make Nala the bona fide lion king—because Bey-triarchy, of course—so perhaps a rewrite is also in the works? Fingers crossed.