This Celeb Just Dethroned Selena Gomez As Instagram’s Most Influential

Presley Ann Slack/PMC
Photo: Getty Images

At this point, are you even surprised? Although Selena Gomez still reigns supreme as the most-followed person on Instagram, Beyoncé has officially procured an even bigger throne. Social media analytics company D’Marie has ranked the pop superstar as the most valuable individual on social media, noting that a single post from Bey is worth more than $1 million in advertising value. Despite being only the 18th most-followed influencer, Bey is reportedly the first public personality to boast that million-dollar worth. By comparison, each of Selena’s posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is worth $775,000, and she landed in the top five most-followed influencers. Bey did also break all kinds of Instagram records with the announcement of her second pregnancy—a post that now has more than 10.8 million likes versus Selena’s paltry 6.6 million. She’s the Queen, after all.

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