Bella Hadid Just Made A Major Lifestyle Change

Splash News
Splash News

With her ultra-toned abs and all-around litheness, Bella Hadid is basically the epitome of physical fitness. But as far as her well-being goes, the supermodel has carried with her a smoking habit—but now it looks like she's ready to quit the addiction for good.


In an ironic (perhaps even reverse-psychological) Instagram post, Bella shared a black-and-white photo of herself smoking a cigarette to announce her newfound clean ways. "I quit," she simply captioned the image, bringing forth comments from fans and followers commending her decision. (After all, this is an A-lister who's previously gotten into trouble for smoking in the Met Gala bathroom with It girls Dakota Johnson and Paris Jackson.)

Her announcement marks a shift in direction from the posts of celebs like Kendall Jenner, who recently shared a photo of herself holding a cigarette despite her "I don't smoke" declaration. We're hoping this inspires others who are ready to kick the habit, and we wish Bella the best in her endeavor.