Gigi And Bella Hadid Are Obsessed With This Unexpected NYC Spot

On the list of celebrities we’d love to befriend, the Hadids certainly earn their spot. With Bella’s vacay expertise and Gigi’s sartorial prowess, we can only imagine the crazy-cool adventures that come with being a member of their model squad. So we were all ears (and a little surprised) when Bella shared the name of a Manhattan store she frequents.

“If I have a rare free afternoon off in New York, I love painting pottery,” Bella tells Harper’s Bazaar. “I go to Color Me Mine in Tribeca a lot more than you probably should. Gigi and I have been playing there since we were kids, so it’s like home to us.”

On any given Saturday, the style star finds herself at the paint-your-own ceramics studio, which she credits with helping her DIY the perfect presents for her friends: “It’s a personal and cute gift,” she said. The last thing she made was a skull mug with Xs over the eyes—so totally her. Supermodels, they’re just like us (when we were 10).