This Is Why Bella Hadid Goes To Gigi For Advice

There’s something about the bond between sisters that can’t be broken, but that’s it’s surely tested on the regular—from arguing over trivial things like who gets first dibs on the TV remote, to bigger issues like which sibling beats the other to the altar. For the Hadids, such tensions often arise over borrowed clothes. Just a day after she was caught shopping her friend’s closet, Bella admitted to doing the same with big sis Gigi’s wardrobe. She revealed that such “sharing” is not without its downsides.

“She gets mad at me when I steal her clothes,” Bella said in an interview at the London launch of the new Dior mascara. “She’ll completely deny it, but I’ll go to her house and she’ll have all my stuff, and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know when you came to my house to get this!’ Then I realize I probably just forgot it at her house and feel bad for yelling at her about it.”

But that doesn’t mean there’s sibling rivalry. In fact, Bella shared a few heartwarming words about her sister. “She’s my best friend, and I love her to death,” she said. “It’s cool to be able to call her and not talk about work—or talk about work. She’s been through everything that I’m going through now, because she’s been in the business for a little bit longer than I have, so to be able to call her and get advice on things is great.”

While industry tips are one thing, leaning on her sister in times of need is what it’s really about. (It’s been a tough few months for Bella, whose ex-boyfriend The Weeknd recently started dating pop star Selena Gomez.) “If I’m ever feeling sad I can always call her and it’ll lighten my mood,” she said. “She’s amazing, I love her.”