Anne Hathaway’s Message Of Body Positivity Is One We Can All Get Behind

Anne Hathaway is no stranger to body commentary—the reaction to her committed portrayal of the emaciated Fantine in Les Misérables comes to mind. While she was scrutinized for a less-than-healthy approach to weight loss when preparing for her Oscar-winning role (she stuck to the lettuce diet), the actress is speaking out on behalf of those who’ve been body shamed post-pregnancy.

In an Instagram post the actress said, “There is no shame in gaining weight during pregnancy (or ever). There is no shame if it takes longer than you think it will to lose the weight (if you want to lose it at all). There is no shame in finally breaking down and making your own jean shorts because last summer’s are just too dang short for this summer’s thighs.”

Having given birth to her first child in March, the 33-year-old’s message supports not only those having trouble shedding baby weight but also the greater movement of body acceptance in general. “Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink. It’s all love (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) Peace xx #noshame”