Anna Wintour Will Make This The Best Wedding Of The Century


If your wedding is deemed chic enough to be covered by Vogue, you’re likely moving in pretty high-caliber social circles. If, however, your mother is the editor in chief of Vogue, and your fiance’s late mother was the editor in chief of Italian Vogue, you’re just on an entirely different level. Anna’s daughter Bee Shaffer will be marrying Francesco Carrozzini in what we expect will be the wedding of the century. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Bee’s mother has every designer on speed dial, which means a couture confection is practically required. Our money is on Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Just imagine.
  2. There’s no photographer in the world who won’t be clamoring to capture the big day, likely creating a high-fashion editorial shoot to rival any cover. (Your custom hashtag isn’t looking so cool anymore, is it?)
  3. In case you haven’t attended the Met Gala or seen The First Monday In May, suffice it to say that Anna knows her way around a star-studded guest list. If Bee wants a live performance by, say, Kanye West, Beyoncé or Adele, it’s going to happen.
  4. Bee is a producer on Late Night With Seth Meyers, so expect a hilarious toast that’ll put your maid of honor’s speech to shame.
  5. There will be no photo booth with fake mustaches. Instead, we expect an Instagram installation like this. So yeah, if you thought your wedding was going to be good, you might as well shut down those Pinterest boards.