Angie And Brad Are Having An “It’s Complicated” Moment, And We’re Here For It

Rumors are swirling that Brad and Angie—Brangelina, if you will—are no longer divorcing. According to a source cited in Us Weekly, “The divorce is off. They haven’t done anything to move it forward in several months and no one thinks they are ever going to.” Now, we don’t know if this is true, but we can’t help but feel a bit smug on behalf of all of womankind, as this turnaround could fairly clearly be attributed to Brad getting his you-know-what together in order to be readmitted into his own family. Remember his sorta-sad profile in GQ, wherein he admitted to seeking help for alcohol dependency while posing in strange, depressing positions? “You know, I just started therapy,” he told the magazine. ” I remember a few spots along the road where I’ve become absolutely tired of myself. And this is a big one. These moments have always been a huge generator for change.”

The truth, of course, is always more complicated than simply placing the blame on one party, and it seems as if Angie and Brad may be in the process of figuring out what the future looks like for both their relationship and their family. We can all relate to experiencing a contentious split initially—as these two did— and eventually having the anger dissipate to reveal that actually a lot of love remains. This, says Us Weekly‘s source, is exactly what’s happened on Angie’s end, at least. “She’s still so in love with him,” they told the magazine.

We can’t help but hope this is true, as there is nothing more inspiring than a long-term relationship which endures despite trials and tribulations over time. As long as they don’t make us watch another By The Sea, however, we’re cool with whatever relationship status makes them happiest.