Amy Schumer Perfectly Sums Up The Problem With How We Talk About Plus Size

After seeing her name on the cover of a special-edition issue of Glamour, Amy Schumer took to Instagram to prompt an important dialogue about women and body image as portrayed in the media.

While the call-out on the cover wasn’t overt, the implication that she is plus-sized has the actress and the Twitterverse up in arms. In addition to the fact that the suggestion of the label is not factual (she’s a size 6-8; plus-sizes often start at 14-16, which is the range of the average American woman), it also sparks a bigger conversation on why the media needs to group or define women by their size at all. Replies to Schumer have poured in in droves on social media, the common themes of outrage surrounding the fact “larger” body types—relative to the sample-size models generally featured—need a “special edition” addendum calling attention to their shape rather than simply being included in the regular issue. Glamour‘s Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive addressed the topic on Twitter, which was apologetic in tone but skimmed over the bigger issue of perpetuating separating “regular-sized” women from those “plus-sized,” and how that impacts how we as women view our bodies (not to mention places even further emphasis on our physical form as an indication of our worth). The conversation is food for thought, indeed—tell us what you think of the topic in the comments below.