This Is Why Adriana Lima Is Wearing An Engagement Ring

If you happen to follow a certain Victoria’s Secret Angel on Instagram, your feed has undoubtedly been blessed with this week’s most empowering post, courtesy of Adriana Lima. The Brazilian beauty, who surely has millions wanting to either be her or be with her, recently shared a selfie that showed off—what’s that?—a brand new diamond band on her ring finger. But before you question the identity of a possible significant other, Adriana revealed that the ring isn’t from any man in her life. In fact, she bought it for herself.

“It’s symbolic,” she wrote in her caption. “I am committed to myself and my own happiness. I am married with me.” Turns out, the supermodel simply wanted to send a message to women everywhere: “Ladies, love yourself,” she added. “And yes, I am single.” (That’s one way to confirm that her relationship with New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is officially over.)

P.S. When in doubt, the best person to put a ring on it is you.