5 Times Adele Reminded Us She’s Truly Hilarious

Wildly famous yet notoriously private, Adele is one of those public figures that tends to fly under the radar for a host of matters not directly pertaining to her career. As such, we’re all quite familiar with her incredible vocal talent—however, some may be unaware of the fact that when she’s not performing a tear-jerking ballad, she is absolutely, positively hilarious. If you’ve never scoped her social media accounts or seen her on a late-night talk show, you’re missing out on a whole different side of the pop sensation. ICYMI, here are five LOL-worthy Adele moments.

When She Rapped To "Monster"

Her episode of Carpool Karaoke went viral for good reason—aside from her delightful rapport with host James Corden, the way she belted out the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and a few of her own hits confirmed her voice sounds just as good in a small vehicle as it does on any record. But the real highlight of the ride? Watching her flawlessly execute the rap in Nicki Minaj's "Monster." Calling it a must-watch is an understatement.

When She Posted This Instagram...

Before embarking on her Live 2016 tour, she posted this photo captioned "getting ready..."—which fully sums up our general feelings towards working out. (That's also definitely what we look like using those machines at the gym.)

Photo: @adele

...And This One

While we're generally tired of photos captioned "I woke up like this," this one is a rare exception. Thank you, Adele, for reminding everyone to not take themselves so seriously.

Photo: @adele

When She Photobombed Fans

Adele photobombed fans with a series of pranks (such as playing air guitar and reading a book entitled "How To Write Good Songs") in her BBC "Live in London" special with TV host Graham Norton. The fan reactions in the video upon realizing Adele is right behind them are ah-mazing.

Anytime She's With Jimmy Fallon

Watching Jimmy and Adele trying to trick each other in this skit is priceless. In fact, we could watch clips of these two together all day long (we're also obsessed with this one of them confessing their love for each other.)