5 Times Will And Kate Were Adorably Normal

While there are hundreds upon hundreds of photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking like the picture of perfection, part of what we love about them is that they generally keep it pretty real, even in some of the most unreal situations. So, in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary today, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite moments in which Will and Kate were adorably normal.

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When They Embraced Local Customs While Traveling

Even when it was tough to do so, like on this trip to Scotland (wink, wink)...

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Or, When It Involved Matching White Cowboy Hats

As it did on this trip to Calgary, where they couldn't help but giggle at one another.

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When Kate Mocked Will Endearingly

You know she's dying to show him what's up with that bow.

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When They Couldn't Resist a Snow Fight

Or at least, Kate couldn't.

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When They Struggled On a Hike

For which they were, perhaps, a bit overdressed. Otherwise, this is pretty much exactly what we will look like trying to exercise tomorrow morning.